Arcane Limbus

About Arcane Limbus

Arcane Limbus starts at the end of another world...

We combined dark fantasy wargame and the Tarot, and they fit together perfectly.
You can subscribe to project news. An artbook, more models and our board game what is waiting for us very soon.

We have a very good knowledge of how the world was before the falling into the abyss of Limbus. But we know little about what happened after the Fall. And now we invite you to the journey of gaining a new self.

Arcane Limbus x Blood Carrot Knights

Blood Carrot Knights is trusted partner of Arcane Limbus in international sales, which sells decks of Tarot cards Arcane Limbus, as well as collectible miniatures from the world of Limbus.

In addition to products Arcane Limbus, on the BCK website you can purchase magnificent miniatures on various universes.