Arcane Limbus Tarot Deck

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Unique signature Tarot deck. 78 brilliantly laminated and lavishly illustrated cards in exclusive box .

We were inspired by the classical Tarot deck. We transformed it with the respect to deep symbolism of Tarot.

This deck is a part of skirmish wargame, which takes place in the mysterious setting of Limbus after the Fall of the Emperor. Learn more about the Arcane Limbus universe.

Arcane Limbus starts at the end of another world. The catastrophe, that we called the Fall, was caused by the enormous ambitions of those who were to inherit the land. And the indecision of those who owned it. But the world did not collapse on its own. The Enemy did it.

We have a very good knowledge of how the world was before the falling into the abyss of Limbus. But we know little about what happened after the Fall. And now we invite you to the journey of gaining a new self.

The dark motionless place where the world ended up after the collapse has a name. Hell or purgatory are all just words. But Limbus is the exact and true name of the fate that was destined for the world.

whd: 68x120x30 mm

Weight: 220 g