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Unveiling Ada Wong: Fusion of 3D Printing and Traditional Resin Casting

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Welcome to Blood Carrot Knights! Introducing our latest release — the captivating Ada Wong fan art figure, an iconic addition inspired by Resident Evil. This unique release offers two variants: precision 3D printing in various scales and exclusive 120 mm traditional resin casting.
3D Printed Brilliance - Your Scale, Your Way: Explore the future of miniatures with our 3D printed variant. Choose your preferred scale for an Ada Wong that's uniquely yours, crafted with unmatched precision.
Traditional Resin Casting - Exclusive 120mm Scale: For classic enthusiasts, our traditional resin variant in an exclusive 120mm scale awaits. Elevate your collection with additional exclusive options, making your Ada Wong truly one-of-a-kind.
Ada Wong. Elegance Redefined: Capturing Ada Wong's essence, both variants showcase intricate details and enigmatic charm. Choose the version that suits your collecting style.
Acquire Your Figure: Visit our preorder category to explore and secure your Ada Wong and Snake Assassin figure. Act fast — each variant offers limited releases.

Blood Carrot Knights continues to redefine miniature artistry with this Ada Wong collectible figure. Whether you prefer 3D printing precision or the timeless appeal of traditional resin casting, this unique miniature is ready to grace your collection.

Stay tuned for updates and more releases from Blood Carrot Knights. Happy collecting!