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Wild Call is here!

New products
We are glad to announce start of sales of our new miniature collection called Wild Call!
Here you can find 4 miniatures:

  • Mighty Herd Leader with great axe an beautiful scenic base. This mini is really nice choice for both gamers and collectors, it can decorate any shelf and be fun challenge to paint.
  • Then we have three different and unique minotaurs. First of all the Herd Caller goes. It's a big and massive figure which bears the standard of the Herd and calls everyone for furious charge! Total height of it is 120 mm and you will definitely enjoy to create your own beast mark of your army.
  • Next Da Smart boy goes. He IS actually smart because he chose the biggest rock to smash anyone who stands on his way.
  • And finally Furysjohn rushes into the battle. Look at this dinamic pose and bunch of trophies he took from the bodies of his enemies.


We are very proud of what we got as a result of our work. Smooth casting, a lot of details and concepts of this collection inspire us to make more brilliant miniatures. Hope you will like these guys as we do :)

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Be safe and happy painting!
Blood Carrot Knights team.